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Once upon a time there was a girl who had a passion for music and believed there was more to life than what she had been told... She believed dreams could come true... So, she prayed God would reveal the purpose of her life.

On the 13th of March 2012, she ran away with a Circus to sell cotton candy with a boy that intrigued her... She loved the lights,.. the entertainment and the idea that she could feed her gypsy soul... On that day the girl came to her crossroads.... She had proved she was ready to fulfill her destiny... God finally woke her up... God showed her that there was much more to life and love in store for her than she imagined, but the road to her dreams would be long and hard and would require a lot of faith,..

With a new perspective on life the girl returned to her normal life to start the real journey towards her dreams. She quickly realized that no one in her life understood what she was going through. This wasn't a coming - of - age thing that everyone went through... This was a special gift she had received... A glimpse into the future... So from that point on, she kept her mouth shut and she did what she had to do to make that dream come true.

It was a long road of heartbreaks and losses before she finally reached the top of the mountain she had been desperately climbing for years, and she almost gave up right before she reached the top, Desperate and tired, she begged God to reveal her purpose once again because she had lost her faith. She heard "Look Up. Ive given you everything you need. Now go and make your dreams come true." That is when she learned how to be the Alchemist of her life.

She could finally see that her trials and tribulations were her tools to become who she was destined to be. She had always dreamed of making music that would inspire people, but she knew she had to be inspiring first because it had to come from the heart. Now she had everything she needed, and the only thing left was to create. God kept the promise she heard many years before and made her story into something much greater than she could have imagined. 

She asked God what she should call the music project she was about to make. A few days later she was driving down the highway into downtown Nashville and a cotton candy truck pulled up beside her. She wept and knew in that moment exactly what God had done with her life. She heard "It would be called: Cotton Candy Dream"

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